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JH: Mechanics of a Legend

JH: Mechanics of a Legend
Devised with Kyle Bostian, Tom Driscoll, Delana Flowers, Monteze Freeland, Anya Martin, Angela Baughman, Britton Mauk
February 9-18th, 2017 at the August Wilson Center in Pittsburgh, PA

Directed by Anya Martin
Scenic Design: Britton Mauk
Sound Design: Angela Baughman
Lighting Design: Bob Steineck

JH: Mechanics of a Legend melds the language of mechanics, century old ballads and primary historical records to explore the legend of John Henry. A diverse team of artists join forces with theater making company, Hiawatha Project, to measure the myth, the man, and the machine, revealing a poetic and dangerous truth inside the machinations of history, rooted in the economics of slavery.